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In 1993, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law that limits the amount of gifts that pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers can give to practitioners. (By law, “practitioners” is defined as basically anyone licensed by the state who can prescribe prescription drugs). In addition, the law also requires pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers to report certain payments that are made to practitioners. The relevant sections of the law are Minnesota Statutes §151.461 and Minnesota Statutes §151.47, subd. 1(f)

 The reports submitted by wholesalers and manufacturers are classified as public data. Since the Board has been receiving an increasing number of requests for the reports, they have been scanned into Adobe (pdf) documents, which can be viewed and downloaded or printed from this website. Beginning with the reports for the year 2007, the Board requested that reports be submitted as xls (Microsoft Excel) files if possible.  Cover letters have also been posted.  These usually appear as Microsoft Word documents (doc).  These have been posted, when available.  Click on the year in which you are interested to see the documents for that year. The documents are not indexed at this time, but will be in the future, as time permits.

Please see the June 2013 memo regarding changes: pdf iconMemo Regarding Payment to Practitioner Reportingnew 6/24/2013

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