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I have received e-mail (spam) and/or a fax from a company claiming to be a pharmacy licensed by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. (Or, I have visited a website that displays a license supposedly issued by the Board). Has the Board issued a license to this company or website? If not, what can the Board do to stop the company from sending me spam or faxes? Can the Board make them remove charges from my credit card? I have received a telephone call from someone claiming to work for a licensed pharmacy who encourages me to order from them or asks me for credit card information. Can the Board stop them from calling me?

Minnesota Statutes ß 151.461 prohibits gifts to practitioners by drug wholesalers and manufacturers.  Can you provide additional information about this law?  

Minnesota Rule 6800.0700 requires a community/retail pharmacy to have an area where consultation between the patient and the pharmacist may be conducted with an assurance of privacy.  Does the Board have recommendations as to how a pharmacy can comply with this rule?

Where can I find information about the new methamphetamine/pseudoephedrine law?

What information can be changed (or added) to a schedule II prescription and schedule III- V prescriptions by a pharmacist?  updated 10/21/2013

Is there a time limit between the date a prescription for a schedule II drug is issued and the date when it may be filled?

Is there a six month/five refill limit on schedule V drugs?

Can prescriptions be transferred more than once in Minnesota?

I just received a prescription for methadone. Can I dispense it?

Can I fill or refill a prescription from an out of state prescriber?

Can I fill a prescription for a schedule II drug written by a mid-level practitioner?

How long must I keep prescription records?

Can I accept a new prescription via a facsimile machine?

Can I mail prescription medications containing narcotics or other controlled substances?

Where can I find a chart showing the daily limits for retail pseudoephedrine sales?  

I allowed my license to practice pharmacy in Minnesota to lapse and now I want it reinstated. What do I need to do? 

Does your Board have license verification on the Internet?

Does your Board of Pharmacy license or register medical device or medical supply manufacturers, wholesale distributors, suppliers or retailers?   8/3/2011

Where can I find out information about the Board’s continuing education requirement for pharmacy technicians?   2/21/2012


For CIII - CV prescriptions the pharmacist may add or change the patientís address upon verification. The pharmacist may add or change the dosage form, drug strength, drug quantity, directions for use, or issue date only after consultation with and with the agreement of the prescribing practitioner. Such consultations and corresponding changes should be noted by the pharmacist on the prescription.  The pharmacist may add the DEA number of the prescriber upon determining that the prescription is legally valid.  The pharmacist is never permitted to make changes to the patientís name, controlled substance prescribed (except for generic substitution permitted by state law) or the prescriberís signature.


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