Can receive prescriptions from patients Cannot take new prescriptions over the phone
Can obtain & record patient drug histories for pharmacy records Cannot interpret data or advise/answer health and drug-related questions
Can enter prescriptions into the computer Cannot override warnings on computer
Can call doctor's office on refills Cannot take a changed prescription order
Can prepare prescriptions for dispensing (count & pour) Cannot certify dispensing
Can sell or deliver prescriptions to patients Cannot counsel patients
Can do bulk compounding Cannot perform extemporaneous compounding
Can prepackage drugs (Must know expiration date limitations) Cannot certify prepackaging
Can fill unit-dose (Must know expiration date limitations) Cannot put away stock bottle until checked by a pharmacist
Can prepare IV's with documented competency training Cannot remove drugs/supplies involved until checked by a pharmacist
Can reconstitute antibiotic suspensions and measure water Cannot be dispensed until identity and volume of diluent are checked by the pharmacist
Can load automated drug distribution equipment Cannot be distributed until checked by a pharmacist
Can reconcile CII perpetual inventory Cannot leave discrepancies unreported
Can order, receive, unpack, and put away drug shipments Cannot violate appropriate storage requirements or leave discrepancies unreported
Can retrieve and file OBRA records in computer or hard copy Cannot assess drug therapy or discuss therapy with patients
Can perform approved duties under supervision of a pharmacist Cannot work without pharmacist supervision
Must wear name badge with words "Pharmacy Technician" on it Cannot say "my badge is at home" or "my badge is in my jacket pocket"
Can work at a legally allowed pharmacist-to-technician ratio Cannot work without pharmacist supervision or at a ratio exceeding the laws/rules
Must maintain confidentiality all patient health information Cannot discuss patient health information outside of the professional work setting
Should review all technician policies & procedures annually Cannot receive or give out prescription transfers