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Board of Pharmacy Rule Changes Effective as of September 13, 2011 Updated 10/12/2011

State laws regulating the practice of pharmacy in Minnesota fall into two categories, statutes and rules.

Statutes are laws which have been enacted by a vote of the legislature. Any modifications made to a statute also requires the approval of the legislature. The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy has the responsibility for implementing and regulating Chapter 151 and Chapter 152 of the Minnesota Statutes.    (order form for Pharmacy Laws)

Rules, on the other hand, are written by the Board of Pharmacy. Rules are required to be supported by a statute. Rules typically are less general and more specific to a particular situation. All Minnesota pharmacy rules are found in Chapter 6800.     (order form for chapter 6800)

In addition to Minnesota statutes and rules federal regulations affect the practice of pharmacy with respect to controlled substances. These regulations can be found in Title 21 - Food and Drugs, Part 1300 to END of the Code of Federal Regulations. Part 1300 to END, includes Chapter II - Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Justice and Chapter III - Office of National Drug Control Policy.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission administers the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970. 


Chapter 151--Pharmacy 
Chapter 152--Drugs, Controlled Substances  
pdf icon2014 Minnesota Legislation Relevant to Pharmacy

pdf icon2012 Minnesota Legislation Relevant to Pharmacy
2008 Minnesota Legislation Impacting Pharmacists
2007 Minnesota Legislation Impacting Pharmacists
Changes to Chapter 151 (2005-2006 Legislative Session-Cancer Drug Repository Program)
Changes to Chapter 152 (2005-2006 Legislative Session-Methamphetamine Provisions)
List of Drugs Excluded From Mandatory Generic Substitution Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 151.21 Subd. 8  12/7/04 (scroll to bottom of page)
Changes to Pharmacy Practice Act (2003-2004 Legislative Session-Payment Disclosure)
Carisoprodol-Effective Date of Listing as Schedule IV Controlled Substance (2001-2002 Legislative Session)
Chapter 144.6585 Identification of Health Care Providers
Chapter 214--Examining and Licensing Boards
Government data practices act-licensing data (Section 13.41) 8, 13.41
Chapter 148--Public Health Occupations, Licensing  
Change to Minnesota Statutes 2002, section 256B.0625, subdivison 13 (OTC Prescribing by Pharmacists) 

Chapter 325E--Regulation of Trade Practices-samples,distribution
HIV/HBV Prevention Program--MN Statutes 214.17-.25


Board of Pharmacy Rules--Chapter 6800  
Board of Pharmacy Rule Changes Effective as of September 13, 2011
Board of Pharmacy Proposed General Rule Changes - 2010
Board of Pharmacy Controlled Substance Scheduling Rulemaking Summary - 2010
Board of Pharmacy Controlled Substance Scheduling Rulemaking Summary - 2009
New Rules-Adopted May 2007 
Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Home Rules--Chapter 4658 
US Food and Drug Administration's Current Good Manufacturing Practice  (CGMP) Regulations  
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Regulations  

Guidance Documents

pdf iconVariances for Telepharmacies  
pdf iconVariances for Off-Site, After Regular Hours, Hospital Pharmacy Services
pdf iconInpatient Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) Recommendations updated9/18/2013
pdf iconAutomated Drug Distribution System Guidance updated12/12/2012